aeiral of coastal floodplain

Kakadu’s fresh water wetlands will be transformed if they become inundated with saltwater due to sea level rise.

car and caravan driving on a dirt road with a blue sky and clouds

Understanding Australia’s goods and people movement to save costs and target infrastructure investment.

aerial view of coast with plume in water

A huge amount of effort is going into protecting the Great Barrier Reef - often the kilometres away from where the coral is actually living. Researchers now have a better understanding of the system of erosion and sediment transport processes connecting agricultural land with water quality in the Reef. Critical to improving land management practices.

students taking notes and water samples on the steps leading into a river

Research exchange in India is expanding the investigation into what the World Health Organisation names as one of the greatest threats to human health – antimicrobial resistance.

sheep in a line eating grain with a bare hill behind

Oldman saltbush is a regular sight for regional tourists, and a CSIRO variety of the native shrub has been found to improve profitability for graziers in Australia’s most marginal regions.

chairman of the Asahi Glass Foundation Mr Kazuhiko Ishimura and CSIRO researcher Dr Brian Walker at thBlue Planet Prize 2018 ceremony in Tokyoe

Dr Brian Walker received the Blue Planet Award in Tokyo for his work at the forefront of the interdisciplinary area of resilience of complex adaptive systems. With drought, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis all in our region, the award is timely.

Aerial photo of bush with people and truck with a drill rig attached, and mountains in the distance

CSIRO has delivered the most extensive, integrated assessment of northern Australia’s water resources and the potential for further irrigated agricultural development. Big idea, big landscape, big data. Here is why the work was necessary and how the results can be used.

aerial photo of a sandy river bed with some water flow and riparian bushland

An extensive assessment of water resources in the Fitzroy River catchment points to the region’s largely untapped aquifer systems as key to the potential for irrigated agricultural development.

aerial of river winding through coastal flood plain

There’s talk of a ‘food bowl’ in northern Australia. Around Darwin in the Northern Territory it’s more likely to be a fruit bowl, according to a new study of the potential for irrigated agricultural development in the region’s river catchments.