Rain clouds over wheat field

Some Australian towns have gone from severely drought-affected to flooded in recent years. Recent rain has prompted researchers to demonstrate how water banking can be used to prepare for future droughts.

The risk of more frequent and extreme natural hazards is rising with climate change. When these extreme events 'collide', their impacts compound—making communities more vulnerable to crises. How can we prevent potential systemic failures caused by extreme events?

Two people in flood waters, one holding a dog

As our climate changes, we'll experience more extreme weather. We're researching how we can create better cities that can withstand heavy rains and floods.

aeiral of coastal floodplain

Kakadu’s fresh water wetlands will be transformed if they become inundated with saltwater due to sea level rise.

red gums in creek bed

For the first time, scientists have quantified how much water trees on the Murray-Darling floodplain need, and when they need it. The results show that we cannot tell the health of a tree just by looking at its canopy—we need to look inside the tree.