About ECOS

Since 1974, ECOS has reported on sustainability issues from a scientific perspective for Australia’s national scientific research agency, CSIRO.

Through well-researched features and news updates on current issues and relevant research, ECOS serves as a forum for:

  • Invigorating discussion on sustainability
  • Raising awareness of ecological principles, and
  • Explaining the challenges and benefits of good sustainable development.

ECOS is widely read in the workplace, government departments, universities, schools, libraries and environment centres around Australia.

In 2011, the magazine moved to an online only format extending its reach to a broader national and international community of interest. All content is freely accessible.

In 2015, ECOS moved to this blog format.

You can access the full archive of stories from 1974 to now. You can also subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter or RSS feed to keep up to date with our new articles. And you can contact the editorial team by email.