Environmental monitoring

ACCURATE, reliable and comprehensive information about what is happening in our atmosphere is a critical piece of the puzzle if we are to mitigate and adapt to our changing climate.

A DIY gadget for detecting smoke has enabled primary school students to play detective and track down problems in the air around them.

Another Australian mammal has been listed as endangered. The spectacled flying-fox highlights the challenge in managing the conflict between human development and nature.

equipment being winched out of ocean

New camera technology that can withstand enormous water pressure in the deep oceans, and navigate the steep, rugged and rocky terrain of seamounts, is shining new light on deep-sea biodiversity.

looking through trees to a bay

Dr Andy Steven details the impressive technology CSIRO is using to lead the way in oceans and coasts observations and monitoring research.

sailing ship at full sail

While underwater drones, robots and satellites have a well-earned place in monitoring the state of our oceans and climate, we also look to ship-based measurements for first-rate data.

yellow submersible at the sea bed

The next-gen of ocean robots are helping researchers understand one of the last, and greatest, frontiers.

bright yellow and blue capsule being lowered into the ocean with an island in the distance

A vast range of ocean moorings around Australia is uncovering the mysteries of what happens under the waves, gathering data on what the future holds.

car and caravan driving on a dirt road with a blue sky and clouds

Understanding Australia’s goods and people movement to save costs and target infrastructure investment.