Environmental monitoring

yellow submersible at the sea bed

The next-gen of ocean robots are helping researchers understand one of the last, and greatest, frontiers.

bright yellow and blue capsule being lowered into the ocean with an island in the distance

A vast range of ocean moorings around Australia is uncovering the mysteries of what happens under the waves, gathering data on what the future holds.

car and caravan driving on a dirt road with a blue sky and clouds

Understanding Australia’s goods and people movement to save costs and target infrastructure investment.

Steve Rintoul

Dr Steve Rintoul is embarking on his 13th voyage to the Antarctic. On board the RV Investigator and armed with new deep water robots, he and his team will be probing the remaining unknowns of the Southern Ocean's role in our climate system.

map showing carbon 'hot spots' over China

New satellite data show in unprecedented detail the flow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We might soon have signatures of individual power stations.

computer generated image of satellite

Australia will be able to guide the Earth observation satellite "NovaSAR" as it passes over our region - giving us a new level of control over the data we need to solve local problems.

Industrial-scale whaling brought many of the world’s largest animals to the brink of extinction. Now that numbers are recovering, researchers are taking a detailed look at the trajectory of the Southern Ocean’s baleen whale populations.

putting argo robot overboard

Not unlike the Argonauts of legend, Bio Argos have a mission. Luckily, this league of ocean-venturing robots are a little smarter and a lot tougher than the ancient explorers.

Head of dugong

Indigenous Ranger groups in The Kimberley have partnered with CSIRO to get a better understanding of one of the largest remaining populations of dugongs in the world and keep a key part of their culture strong.