ray gliding through deep blue water

A new field guide to the sharks and rays of Papua New Guinea is supporting sustainable use of its shark and ray resources.

underwater image of school of tuna

Hundreds of southern bluefin tuna have been tagged to reveal more about their annual migration and feeding habits in the Great Australian Bight.

Prawns in water

With prawn aquaculture on the rise to meet booming global demand, there's a focus on the sustainability of fishmeal feeds that contain wild-caught fish ingredients. Prawn nutrition research has shown the way forward for eliminating that pressure on wild fisheries.

jellyfish against black background

Samples from the seabed of the Great Australian Bight have yielded 277 species new to science and the answer to a 30-year mystery.

globe showing Australia with tracks of sea animals

Tracking the movements of whales, sharks and other apex predators and iconic species is revealing the deepest secrets of the Great Australian Bight.

A mammoth social, environmental and economic study of the Great Australian Bight has revealed new insights and a raft of new species.


Australia's marine estate is nearly twice our land area. A new book brings together decades of marine research to tell us what we know and what we're doing to ensure a sustainable future.

trawling ship at sea

Following decades of heavy trawling off the north-west shelf of Australia in the 1970s and 1980s, researchers are back to assess how the region has recovered, providing scientific advice to guide sustainable fishing practices both in Australia and internationally.

trawler in sunset

An Australia-wide assessment provides the first detailed picture of how seabed biodiversity is exposed to — and protected from — trawl fishing. The new research will help future management of sensitive sea life on the ocean floor.