A mammoth social, environmental and economic study of the Great Australian Bight has revealed new insights and a raft of new species.


Australia's marine estate is nearly twice our land area. A new book brings together decades of marine research to tell us what we know and what we're doing to ensure a sustainable future.

trawling ship at sea

Following decades of heavy trawling off the north-west shelf of Australia in the 1970s and 1980s, researchers are back to assess how the region has recovered, providing scientific advice to guide sustainable fishing practices both in Australia and internationally.

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An Australia-wide assessment provides the first detailed picture of how seabed biodiversity is exposed to — and protected from — trawl fishing. The new research will help future management of sensitive sea life on the ocean floor.

putting argo robot overboard

Not unlike the Argonauts of legend, Bio Argos have a mission. Luckily, this league of ocean-venturing robots are a little smarter and a lot tougher than the ancient explorers.

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Approximately 25 per cent of Australian fish is thought to be mislabelled and up to one third of fish in US markets is illegally caught. Fishing vessels might think they're invisible in the vast ocean, but a new system can profile suspicious activity and alert authorities as they come into port.

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CSIRO’s research helps ensure ecological modelling and stock assessments give fisheries and consumers across Australia clear information about good seafood choices.

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When the Australian oyster industry was struck by a potentially lethal virus in 2010, it had a strategic response in place, thanks to an earlier investment in genetic breeding research.

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As the global population increases and climate changes continue to impact the world’s oceans, more pressure will be placed on fisheries to meet growing food security demands. Can science help the seafood industry adapt?