Ecosystem management

A small island in Kimbe Bay

CSIRO researchers have revisited an ecosystem-based adaptation project in Papua New Guinea ’s Kimbe Bay that’s using Locally Managed Marine Areas to protect near-shore marine ecosystems - and discovered lessons about making future projects more effective.

Grass fire in a lightly wooded area.

Programs to build Indigenous and scientific knowledge partnerships are tackling a range of contemporary sustainable development issues.

A bulk carrier on bright blue water

Spotting an oil spill in a 2,300 km long marine park is no easy task, but new remote sensing technology is set to change that.

Queensland Coastline as seen from space shows the Great Barrier Reef and muddy water flowing from hte Burdekin River into the ocean.

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk from factors in and out of the water. Dr Christian Roth discusses what needs to change, and how, to save our reef.

Under water on the Great Barrier Reef showing coral and fish.

Cattle, cane, cropping, coral. That’s the balance the Queensland ecosystem has to strike to help reduce sediment and improve Great Barrier Reef health.

Fishing boat on grey ocean waters with sea gulls circling against a grey, gloomy sky.

Scenario modelling is a tool used by climate scientists to project what the future might look like based on different scenarios. Now, this same tool is being used to benefit the world's biodiversity and ecosystems.

A green hilly landscape with trees and grasses

When talking about solutions to help mitigate and adapt to climate change, we shouldn't forget that intact ecosystems offer some of the best prospects.

Ngadju people and CSIRO are bringing old and new ways of fire management together to help protect one of the most unique woodlands on the planet, Western Australia's Great Western Woodlands.

Close up of big tree trunk with river and vegetation in background

New 7-day streamflow forecasts are able to predict water flows for rivers and streams, allowing for more accurate and efficient management of water resources.