Ecosystem management

Man kneeling in stream

Major pressures on Australia's biodiversity persist, according to the latest State of the Environment Report. More data and better understanding shows a cumulative impact.

The ocean stretching to the horizon

The marine economy is growing at break-neck speed. How we use our oceans needs clever planning and innovative thinking, all based on sound science.

dead whale with ship nearby and people on board

Ships in Australian waters are getting bigger and more numerous all the time. We need a plan to help them avoid crashing into whales and other large sea creatures.

Bee on yellow flowers

The idea of infrastructure usually conjures images of bitumen, concrete and steel reinforcement. The first internationally-coordinated review of the state of the world's pollinators now calls for green infrastructure - even 'bee highways'. They've just published in Nature.

ship at sea with black oil spill in the water

A new handbook on monitoring oil spills offers shipping companies guidance on how to respond to an oil spill and assess any environmental damage.

women working in rice paddies

In India and Nepal, better water management is helping to improve and secure the economic prospects for rural women.

Plane in a hangar

It can be seen from space - the largest structure made of living organisms on Earth. Now the US space agency - NASA - is here to help scientists explore the link between changing conditions and coral health on the Great Barrier Reef.

Aerial view of desert with many circular bare patches

They're an ecological enigma across desert country in Africa and Australia. Now, a collaboration between ecologists and indigenous rangers in Australia finds the answer to this unique desert pattern.

group of researchers on beach

Congratulations to CSIRO's marine debris team of researchers who have won the 2016 Eureka Prize for Environmental Science, and work is ongoing with major international projects.