Black tiger prawns in hand

CSIRO’s efforts to help the Australian farmed prawn industry recover from this devastating outbreak also required a rapid response to protect a vital research facility that is assisting the industry pick itself back up.

Prawns in water

With prawn aquaculture on the rise to meet booming global demand, there's a focus on the sustainability of fishmeal feeds that contain wild-caught fish ingredients. Prawn nutrition research has shown the way forward for eliminating that pressure on wild fisheries.

Hand holding oyster and man in background

When the Australian oyster industry was struck by a potentially lethal virus in 2010, it had a strategic response in place, thanks to an earlier investment in genetic breeding research.

view of bay with acqualture farming pens

After years of crisis in Chile’s burgeoning salmon industry, culminating in riots earlier this year, a CSIRO-developed aquaculture modelling tool is set to transform the sector.

Fishermam pulling a fish out of the water on the end of a fishing line

Australia’s fishing zone is the world’s third largest, and the $2.4 billion commercial fishing and aquaculture industry employs over 11,000 people. Research helps keep the industry and the marine ecosystem sustainable.