car next to large truck with hydrogen gas bottles, ready to refuel car

With the hydrogen industry still in the early stages of development, community acceptance will be crucial to whether it succeeds. A new CSIRO report examines public attitudes around not just how hydrogen is used, but also its production, storage and transport.

Melbourne at night, fisheye view

A new generation of digital solutions are needed to coordinate Australia's energy transition to a system that is decarbonised, decentralised and democratised.

FABtec samples laid out ready for testing by CSIRO scientists’

An Australian start-up has enlisted the expertise of CSIRO to test and improve their recipe for turning the fabric from faded old uniforms into pieces of furniture.

The new Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite will orbit across Australia as part of a game-changing mission to revolutionise how scientists observe Earth’s water.

An aerial view of the Mungalla wetland

A recent CSIRO report commissioned by the Climate Change Authority has provided a comprehensive assessment of Australia’s carbon sequestration potential.

Waves in the ocean, with a cloudy sky.

CSIRO is leading a consortium of organisations to highlight any potential impacts of a deep-sea mining proposal.

Yellow daisies flowering in a hilly field

Fireweed is a daisy species that is a Weed of National Significance in Australia. We used high-throughput sequencing to construct a family tree that showed it is also present in New Zealand.

Does the relationship between trees and fungi hold the key to regenerating and protecting our eucalypts from widespread forest dieback?

A pelican standing in water

By 2050, the Gippsland Lakes could experience temperature increases of 1.6 degrees Celsius, sea-level rise of 25 centimetres and more frequent bushfires. So what can be done to protect the site?