Yellow daisies flowering in a hilly field

Fireweed is a daisy species that is a Weed of National Significance in Australia. We used high-throughput sequencing to construct a family tree that showed it is also present in New Zealand.

Does the relationship between trees and fungi hold the key to regenerating and protecting our eucalypts from widespread forest dieback?

Close up of brown and yellow flowers with a tiny silvery moth.

For many decades Australia’s native pollinators have lived in the shadow of the honeybee. In this article, we shine some light on the intricate roles of a group of tiny moths that pollinate boronias.

A cluster of green and white orchid flowers.

We traced the evolutionary journey of Australia’s greenhood orchids since their origin over 32 million years ago.

A black and white bird with yellow wings feeding on a white grevillea flower.

The origin of the world’s songbirds is a story that began close to home. Their special ability to detect the sweet taste of sugary food is a similar tale.

tree trunk

Climbing up an 80 m tower is all in a day's work for some scientists. Read how they've been watching over Australia's defining flora - eucalypts - as part of our land ecosystem observatory.

Two people up a tree

Timm Döbert spent three years working towards his PhD based in a research camp in Borneo’s lowland rainforests. It was a chance to study close at hand the human impact on a diverse ecosystem – and a privileged opportunity to marvel at the diversity of life on Earth. It’s also a photographer’s paradise. He and colleagues have shared with us some of their favourite images.

A small round pond of water in arid landscape

At the Edgbaston springs in Central Queensland, a precarious ecosystem unknown to science until 25 years ago, scientists are uncovering a treasure trove of species found nowhere else on the planet. Together with the springs ecosystems in other arid areas of the Great Artesian Basin, these species are revealing a fascinating evolutionary tale.

Blue gum plantation

Finding out which trees will thrive under high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide is about to get faster and cheaper.