Issue 291 – Resilient supply chains

Resilience-building has become paramount in Australia and globally with an increase in extreme weather events due to climate change. We explore how CSIRO’s TraNSIT tool has contributed to more resilient food supply chains during the past 10 years. We also look at the export of hydrogen energy.  Plus check out our bonus World Ocean Day story.

CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission Leader Patrick Hartley outlines some of the key moves required for Australia to realise its plans to become a major hydrogen exporter.

CSIRO research is helping to understand costs and improve the flow of agricultural transport in Indonesia and Vietnam, through the use of TraNSIT.

Mapping millions of vehicle trips across Australia’s supply chains helps growers and governments to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Ocean with cloudy sky above

Predicting the ocean requires mind-boggling technology, from salty robotic drifters and pristine supercomputers. But when it comes to the crunch, what is the first step?