Issue 253

man examning copper tube with machine and screens

The Millennium Drought in south east Australia highlighted the value of the continent’s groundwater resources. We need a better understanding of our groundwater systems and how they are recharged to ensure that, as we continue to use this valuable resource and with a changing climate, we also protect it from overuse or contamination. The Southern Hemisphere’s first Noble Gas Facility will provide valuable contributions to do just that.

breaking wave

In a paper published in Science, climate scientists say we need to look beyond our neighbouring oceans to understand changes several seasons ahead – to the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the world.

rainforest rocky pool surrounded by forest

Australia’s tropical rainforest plants can be identified with just a few simple clicks.

kangaroos lying and standing in the rows of vines

A plant-growth-regulating spray might be the solution for vineyards affected by heatwaves.

a group of people in a forest at the base of a tree discussing and looking up

Pollinators such as bees, birds, bats and butterflies are in decline globally, a threat to biodiversity and food production all over the world. The importance of pollinators isn’t new to many indigenous communities around the world.