Issue 219

A bulk carrier on bright blue water

Spotting an oil spill in a 2,300 km long marine park is no easy task, but new remote sensing technology is set to change that.

The ocean stretching to the horizon

Our understanding of the ocean’s biological pump, and the capacity of the ocean to sequester carbon dioxide, has been enhanced by a new study examining ocean eddies.

A tamarin in among tree branches and leaves eating a bright orange fruit.

Disappearing vertebrates are affecting the structure and carbon storage capacity of tropical forests.

A beach facing slope with homes damaged by bushfire

Our leading bushfire risk expert Justin Leonard has been working with the community and a wider Advisory Panel to develop a set of voluntary guidelines that will help improve the townships resilience to bushfire.

A small motor boat on a river bend

Blooms of toxic blue-green algae were unheard of in Australia's major waterways before 1991. Now the Murray River is experiencing its fourth bloom in a decade.