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A women looks at mango flowers on a tree

As temperatures increase in the Northern Territory, timing and triggers for important stages of the mango production cycle might be impacted. A team of climate researchers and horticulturalists is working together to understand what some of these changes may look like so the industry can prepare.

Receding dam

As we head into summer, short-term and seasonal forecasts of how much water is coming down our rivers—or, indeed, how little—are more reliable than ever.

women working in rice paddies

In India and Nepal, better water management is helping to improve and secure the economic prospects for rural women.

wide shot of a water treatment pool

Some active ingredients in pharmaceuticals that pass into our sewage systems are resistant to waste water treatment and can affect the health of irrigated plants.

Crown-of-thorns starfish on coral

The crown-of-thorns starfish may end up being an unlikely hero in the quest to determine how best to help iconic marine species adapt to climate change.

A pelican sitting on the edge of a fish pen in the ocean

A free online modelling tool that simulates the movement of oil spills and fish spawning is attracting a surprising range of users.

A small island in Kimbe Bay

CSIRO researchers have revisited an ecosystem-based adaptation project in Papua New Guinea ’s Kimbe Bay that’s using Locally Managed Marine Areas to protect near-shore marine ecosystems - and discovered lessons about making future projects more effective.

Snow gums

Radical changes to our environment with climate change means we need to map adaptation pathways now that consider options and prepare us for future decisions.

Open cut coal mine

The world's use of finite resources continues to rise as global development continues. Can we help poorer nations raise their standard of living without exhausting all of our raw materials?