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An icy landscape mirrored in the water

Over the next decade, The Homeward Bound project will give 1000 female scientists the tools to become influential, global decision makers of the future. Its debut voyage will depart later this year, with four CSIRO scientists on board.

Anu Kumar sits with other women in a workshop setting where she teaches them about pesticide esposure.

Anu Kumar knew that people in India were getting sick from exposure to pesticides and impurities in their waterways, and she wanted to do something to help. Working with Indian women, she was able to improve the health and safety of entire communities. Now, her work in detecting micropollutants is helping to clean up Australian waterways.

Perth city streets seen from the air

Constant, complex changes in cities and mine sites are hard to monitor. Drawing on digital aerial photography, it's now possible to track land-use and vegetation changes in areas as small as 10-20cm.

Sun reflecting off a hand rail in the city.

2015 was the world's hottest year ever by a long shot. But what drove the record temperatures, and what role did climate change play?

Bushfire burns dangerously close to residential property

The Christmas Day fires that struck the Victorian town of Wye River are an example of how to get emergency responses right.

Close up of the head of a Yellow Fin Tuna

New molecular techniques have shown that the population dynamics of yellowfin tuna in the Pacific Ocean are not as we thought. Further application of these techniques may herald a more scientific approach to management of ocean fisheries, and help curb illegal fishing.

Sydney CDB by night.

While most Australians believe climate change is real, many think they won't be impacted as much as others – according to CSIRO's latest climate attitudes survey.

Ngadju people and CSIRO are bringing old and new ways of fire management together to help protect one of the most unique woodlands on the planet, Western Australia's Great Western Woodlands.

Crowd of people crammed in a street

The only thing certain is change. But in the face of urban growth and associated chronic stresses, how do we strengthen our resilience, preserve community wellbeing and foster acceptance of change?