Carbon storage

map showing carbon 'hot spots' over China

New satellite data show in unprecedented detail the flow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We might soon have signatures of individual power stations.

forest canopy

The globe is greening as plants grow faster in response to rising carbon dioxide. But a new analysis shows they aren't using more water to do it - a rare piece of good news for our changing planet.

smokey fire through bush

Managing savannas by burning has been good for limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Research now shows they're storing more carbon than previously thought.

long shot of mangroves and sea channel with green mountains in the background

Trees are good at sequestering carbon but fire can quickly undo all the good. One place where plants can sequester carbon without fear of fire is under water.

Blue gum plantation

Finding out which trees will thrive under high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide is about to get faster and cheaper.

The ocean stretching to the horizon

Our understanding of the ocean’s biological pump, and the capacity of the ocean to sequester carbon dioxide, has been enhanced by a new study examining ocean eddies.

A tamarin in among tree branches and leaves eating a bright orange fruit.

Disappearing vertebrates are affecting the structure and carbon storage capacity of tropical forests.

Aerial view of river surrounded by green landscape

A new investigation of satellite records reveals that the Earth is getting greener, despite ongoing deforestation in Indonesia and South America.