Issue 250

aerial view of island surrounded by blue seas

The humble but prolific house mouse on a remote Western Australian island might serve a crucial purpose for scientists investigating the potential of gene modification as an environmental control for conservation. Community values - as well as science – will determine what’s both possible and acceptable.

three people backlit by colourful power point

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Decadal forecasting can provide an assessment of probabilities for the climate system over the next one to 10 years, important inside knowledge for industries affected by climate.

goose on tree top

Magpie geese flock in their thousands in the Northern Territory, along the coastal flooplains. But what impact could sea level rise have on their habitat?

aeiral of coastal floodplain

Kakadu’s fresh water wetlands will be transformed if they become inundated with saltwater due to sea level rise.

car and caravan driving on a dirt road with a blue sky and clouds

Understanding Australia’s goods and people movement to save costs and target infrastructure investment.