Issue 244

storm clouds over an outback highway fringed with red dirt

As work gathers pace for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s next climate predictions, scientists sense a groundswell of change to try and meet the Paris Agreement.

island covered in trees reflected in deep blue water

Diversity is a buzzword for the nation but when it comes to biodiversity studies done in the past decade, it turns out research has been rather one-sided.

tiger among grasses

An estimated 14 million people die from infectious diseases each year. A key link in the chain of infection is deforestation and increased contact between wild animals and humans. If we're to control the spread of disease, we need to be better at predicting outbreaks.

photo of historic tidal marigram

We're dusting off old tide records, some dating back to the late 19th century, in a project to digitise these old hard-copy records so the data they contain can be used to analyse how extreme sea levels in Australia have changed over time.