Issue 237: Great Australian Bight feature

underwater image of school of tuna

Hundreds of southern bluefin tuna have been tagged to reveal more about their annual migration and feeding habits in the Great Australian Bight.

jellyfish against black background

Samples from the seabed of the Great Australian Bight have yielded 277 species new to science and the answer to a 30-year mystery.

globe showing Australia with tracks of sea animals

Tracking the movements of whales, sharks and other apex predators and iconic species is revealing the deepest secrets of the Great Australian Bight.

A mammoth social, environmental and economic study of the Great Australian Bight has revealed new insights and a raft of new species.


Australia's marine estate is nearly twice our land area. A new book brings together decades of marine research to tell us what we know and what we're doing to ensure a sustainable future.

display of confectionary

The fate of the environment just got personal. It turns out, everyone's waist lines add up and what's better for your health is also better for the environment.

space telescope against night sky

In mid 1967, PhD student Jocelyn Bell at Cambridge University was helping to build a telescope. She went on to discover a little bit of "scruff" - the first evidence of a pulsar.

truck on country road

What truck drivers do in clicks, scientists have done in data – tracking the great distances travelled by Australian produce from farm gate to market. It’s all to make for better infrastructure investment and make those long journeys more efficient and reliable.