Issue 229

satellite image of cyclone of coast of northern Queensland

Counting the costs of physical damage wrought by Cyclone Debbie in Queensland and subsequent floods in northern NSW has already begun. The focus now shifts to how communities invest in infrastructure before the storms. Critical is understanding the multiple impacts and the interdependence of infrastructure.

Animation still

New CSIRO research has forecast job trends for industries which are indirectly affected by the coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Queensland over the next twenty years.

A cell coloured green

A study conducted by CSIRO has provoked a rethink on how best to treat water to eradicate a deadly amoeba sometimes found in the water supply.

Woman standing at edge of well

CSIRO's new Water Cloud tool is set to disrupt time and resource-intensive water resource planning processes – and The World Bank has taken notice.

Field work takes CSIRO scientists near and far. Spatial ecohydrologist Dr Tanya Doody has recently been in Nepal studying the Kamala river basin.

turtle at the water's edge

Ningaloo Reef was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Area in 2011. Scientists are using tracking technology to better understand the region's unique and charismatic species.

diver measuring bleached coral

The only way to prevent further severe coral bleaching on the world’s tropical reefs is to urgently reduce global warming, a new study reveals.