Issue 223

Gas well equipment in a farm setting with cattle in the background

Research findings suggest CSG companies need to bridge the gap and proactively understand and engage with communities.

Group of people with hard hats on standing near a CSG well

A project that aims to provide independent scientific information on different gas development scenarios goes national.

Corals and sea sponges on boat deck

He’s the new buzz word in binomial nomenclature with three species named after him. It’s a result of survey work being done in north-western Australia, and genetic testing, that’s revealing a wealth of new marine species.

Long distance photo of Lord Howe Island

More than 1000 islands and 1200 threatened species. Which feral animals do you decide to focus on to provide the greatest benefit to island species?

Earthquake-damaged church

New guidelines for designing buildings that are resilient to earthquakes, typhoons and storm surges could save lives and livelihoods in the Philippines.

Plane in a hangar

It can be seen from space - the largest structure made of living organisms on Earth. Now the US space agency - NASA - is here to help scientists explore the link between changing conditions and coral health on the Great Barrier Reef.