Water resources

aerial view of inflitration dams in agricultural setting

Holding wet-season water underground for use in the dry season is a technique that holds promise for parts of northern Australia.

Receding dam

As we head into summer, short-term and seasonal forecasts of how much water is coming down our rivers—or, indeed, how little—are more reliable than ever.

women working in rice paddies

In India and Nepal, better water management is helping to improve and secure the economic prospects for rural women.

wide shot of a water treatment pool

Some active ingredients in pharmaceuticals that pass into our sewage systems are resistant to waste water treatment and can affect the health of irrigated plants.

Aerial view of the Atacama Desert in Chile

Australian water management expertise is informing management of water resources in Chile.

Aerial photo of a large rectangular earth dam among crops and trees

Cost-effective development of northern Australia’s water resources for agriculture requires a more holistic look at the opportunities.

A small motor boat on a river bend

Blooms of toxic blue-green algae were unheard of in Australia's major waterways before 1991. Now the Murray River is experiencing its fourth bloom in a decade.

Cows laying down in front of wind turbines

A major study by CSIRO, the Australian National Outlook, reveals Australia has all the tools to achieve economic growth and environmental sustainability - we just have to choose to use them.

Water rushing through a storm drain

More people in our cities means a need for more fresh water. Scientists in Australia are turning their attention to the water supply challenge and coming up with some innovative solutions.