Carbon emissions

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Researchers have looked beyond the conventional measures of energy consumption to find the latest innovations for energy efficiency in our cities.

Man and a woman talking on a panel show

CSIRO's Pep Canadell fact checks statements made on ABC program Q&A, 31 August 2015, about what caused US carbon emissions to level off. Reviewed by Allan Layton.

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When attempting to answer questions about whether the coal seam gas industry (CSG) is less greenhouse intensive than the coal industry, one of the big factors to consider is fugitive methane emissions—the amount of methane that leaks from the CSG wells.

View over the observatory with sunset and mountain top poking through the clouds in background

The US government’s greenhouse gas monitoring site at Mauna Loa in Hawaii has confirmed that its average recorded carbon dioxide levels for February topped 400 parts per million (ppm) – the first time that this has been seen in a northern winter month.