Sustainable development

satellite image of river and irrigated area

There's a high-tech tool increasingly available to farmers from Australia to Africa - remote sensing data from satellites. And they don't even have to leave the paddock.

trawler in sunset

An Australia-wide assessment provides the first detailed picture of how seabed biodiversity is exposed to — and protected from — trawl fishing. The new research will help future management of sensitive sea life on the ocean floor.

Industrial-scale whaling brought many of the world’s largest animals to the brink of extinction. Now that numbers are recovering, researchers are taking a detailed look at the trajectory of the Southern Ocean’s baleen whale populations.

hillside farming in vietnam

Industrial-scale agriculture that focuses on increased yields might not be the answer to feeding the world's growing population. New research suggests the UN's Sustainable Development Goals require a discussion on quality over quantity, where smaller farms are recognised as the nutrient power house.

aerial view of Australian farm land

New thinking is required if we are to achieve the future we signed up for with the UN sustainable development goals, a new study has found.

Dense city skyscrapers at night

There will be huge environmental impact if we keep using raw materials as we did in the 20th Century. There is a way to build more sustainably.

artist impression of new development, people on sidewalk next to canal

Our newest laboratory will help develop and test innovative ways to plan and build Australia’s future cities.

view of bay with acqualture farming pens

After years of crisis in Chile’s burgeoning salmon industry, culminating in riots earlier this year, a CSIRO-developed aquaculture modelling tool is set to transform the sector.

The ocean stretching to the horizon

The marine economy is growing at break-neck speed. How we use our oceans needs clever planning and innovative thinking, all based on sound science.