Sustainable development

aerial of river winding through coastal flood plain

There’s talk of a ‘food bowl’ in northern Australia. Around Darwin in the Northern Territory it’s more likely to be a fruit bowl, according to a new study of the potential for irrigated agricultural development in the region’s river catchments.

aerial of a braided sandy river bed

Water alone won’t make irrigated agriculture financially viable in northern Australia’s Mitchell River catchment. Local processing facilities will be needed to get a return on investment for any large-scale investment.

aerial of contoured landscape

A special issue of Pacific Conservation Biology celebrates women working in conservation science in Australia.

polluted water cascading over river waterfall

After cascading ecological catastrophes in the 90s, China spent 20 years seriously investing in sustainability. Now that effort is paying off.

Black tiger prawns in hand

CSIRO’s efforts to help the Australian farmed prawn industry recover from this devastating outbreak also required a rapid response to protect a vital research facility that is assisting the industry pick itself back up.

houses destroyed by fier with sea in the background

Out of the ashes of the Tathra bushfire, and stories of heartbreaking loss and survival, a picture is emerging of how research is helping to save properties and improve bushfire outcomes.

Meat consumption has been on the increase with improved standards of living and growing populations around the world. But how do you quantify the environmental cost of feeding the stock feeding that increase?

cattle on dry river bed

Graziers the world over are facing increasingly variable rainfall, new research shows. The next question is: How will they manage their livestock as they face this unpredictability?


Australia's marine estate is nearly twice our land area. A new book brings together decades of marine research to tell us what we know and what we're doing to ensure a sustainable future.