Carbon farming

Agriculture creates emissions throughout the production process.

Work is underway to help Australian farmers better understand their emissions via a new monitoring and benchmarking tool to help them make their farms more sustainable.

Increasing the amount of carbon stored in agricultural soils can help mitigate rising greenhouse gas emissions and sustain agricultural productivity. Carbon farming is a key plank of Australia’s climate mitigation efforts, and CSIRO scientists are looking for new and innovative approaches to help realise the benefits for all.

Meat consumption has been on the increase with improved standards of living and growing populations around the world. But how do you quantify the environmental cost of feeding the stock feeding that increase?

Tire tracks through grass with trees growing either side

With careful and thoughtful engagement, carbon offset schemes can be designed to ensure they deliver both carbon mitigation benefits and associated benefits for Indigenous peoples.

Koala in between two branches of a tree

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are two of the greatest environmental issues of our time. Is it possible to address both of those problems at once?