Urban planning

Handy access to information is the key to encouraging Australians to go green in construction. But we still have a long way to go in making all homes as energy efficient as possible.

They’re one of the strongest bonds in chemistry and are not only unique in the way they can be used to fight fire, but unique in the way they leach through soils into the environment. A new paper suggests understanding first how PFAS chemicals behave in soils requires a large-scale soils study and, perhaps, a global research effort if we’re to work towards a solution.

Woman with cityscape in background

As cities go, Australia's have some of the best air quality in the world. But even the relatively clean air of Australia can contain enough pollutants to impact on our health.

Dense city skyscrapers at night

There will be huge environmental impact if we keep using raw materials as we did in the 20th Century. There is a way to build more sustainably.

artist impression of new development, people on sidewalk next to canal

Our newest laboratory will help develop and test innovative ways to plan and build Australia’s future cities.

Bronte beach and suburb

Communities, governments and businesses in Australia need to work together on innovative strategies that will help adapt their coastal environments so they will be more resilient as extreme weather events driven by climate become more frequent.

The cost of replacing essential infrastructure damaged by disasters will reach an estimated $17 billion in the next 35 years. It is essential we systematically build disaster resilience in Australia.

Perth city streets seen from the air

Constant, complex changes in cities and mine sites are hard to monitor. Drawing on digital aerial photography, it's now possible to track land-use and vegetation changes in areas as small as 10-20cm.

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The only thing certain is change. But in the face of urban growth and associated chronic stresses, how do we strengthen our resilience, preserve community wellbeing and foster acceptance of change?