Sustainable development

river at sunset

The trials and tribulations of the Murray-Darling Basin have delivered an unlikely outcome – an international relationship Australia now shares with other major river basins across continents. Having learnt how to survive with catastrophic floods and droughts, Australia’s hard-won lessons in managing water under extreme scarcity are now being put to good use at the global forefront of water management at the basin scale.

aerial view of inflitration dams in agricultural setting

Holding wet-season water underground for use in the dry season is a technique that holds promise for parts of northern Australia.

Earthquake-damaged church

New guidelines for designing buildings that are resilient to earthquakes, typhoons and storm surges could save lives and livelihoods in the Philippines.

Bronte beach and suburb

Communities, governments and businesses in Australia need to work together on innovative strategies that will help adapt their coastal environments so they will be more resilient as extreme weather events driven by climate become more frequent.

Snow gums

Radical changes to our environment with climate change means we need to map adaptation pathways now that consider options and prepare us for future decisions.

Open cut coal mine

The world's use of finite resources continues to rise as global development continues. Can we help poorer nations raise their standard of living without exhausting all of our raw materials?

A woman holding a baby in front of a cyclone-damaged house in Vanuatu

We need to identify Pacific hotspots where climate change will exacerbate other stresses and act to support these places before a crisis happens.

Aerial view of the Atacama Desert in Chile

Australian water management expertise is informing management of water resources in Chile.

Person at cafe surrounded by plants

Put simply, an Urban Living Lab is a carefully selected urban development designed to test innovations that promote human wellbeing and urban sustainability.