Climate adaptation

Dust storm in a rural Australian setting.

Today’s energy systems will not be sufficient in 2050, and remote Australian communities are likely to bear the brunt. Scenarios workshops held in Alice Springs are helping design energy solutions for the future.

A green hilly landscape with trees and grasses

When talking about solutions to help mitigate and adapt to climate change, we shouldn't forget that intact ecosystems offer some of the best prospects.

Bushfire burns dangerously close to residential property

The Christmas Day fires that struck the Victorian town of Wye River are an example of how to get emergency responses right.

Eiffel tower in twilight with fountains in foreground

This year has been an extraordinary year for setting goals and targets for humankind. These goals open up opportunities for innovation and business development to benefit Australia and its private sector in the near term, and contribute fundamentally to the longer term futures of our children and grandchildren.

A stand of trees with dark clouds above

The uncertainties related to climate science present some unique challenges for policymakers and researchers alike. How can climate adaptation researchers proactively support decision-makers? And could a similar ethics system to the one used by frontline medical professionals be implemented by climate scientists to enhance decision-making?

The Torres Strait region faces potential pressures such as climate change, population growth, biosecurity and pollution risks, and the loss of traditional culture. Community members, leaders, government and scientists came together to find out how they could adapt to these pressures in a way that’s sustainable and equitable, and to identify what makes a community resilient.

A group of people standing in a grassy paddock with hats on

What will the future look like in 10, 50 or 100 years? Are our human and ecological systems prepared for […]

Coral reef with reef fish

With three UNESCO World Heritage Areas under threat from climate change, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, scientists have put forward a new approach to making iconic ecosystems more resilient—and it's not just about reducing global emissions.

A young girl eating an apple next to a bucket of apples

Most Australians believe climate change is happening, even if they don’t all believe it’s caused by human activity. But they’re […]